I joined Monzo

I've recently joined the monzo bank account and I love the way it works and the look of the card so I thought I'd whip up a quick animation! Trying to find a "Contactless" svg was a massive pain but I managed it in the end. Huge thanks to @elletricity for her codepen CSS-Only Parallax Hover

Pour me a Beer

I really wanted to create a nice pouring effect and tilt so that's what I did, opened up codepen and slapped something together - Pretty happy with the result was able to try out haml and less loops which is always nice!

The Call of the Mountains

This is a design by @vedolicious. You can find the dribbble shot here

I really wanted to start the project with something fresh and I saw this design on dribbble and fell in love! I'm a huge fan of the overlapping elements and the strong use of colours. Check out my project with the button below!